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On the heels of yesterday’s story that TSA assaulted a 6-year-old girl in New Orleans comes a reports from a mother from Clackamas, Oregon, that a similar thing happened to 8-year-old son. Spencer Sheahan and his family were on their way to Disneyland at the time.

“It didn’t buzz like a normal buzz,” said Heather.  “It beeped like a beep you normally don’t hear.”

Just like that little 8-year-old Spencer found himself in the company of a TSA agent.  Heather snapped photos to show Spencer going through a full pat-down.

“They went up his leg, into that area, down the next leg, up here (chest), felt all over,” she explained.

Heather thought it crossed the line.  Spencer did, too.

“I was confused,” he said.  “I did not know what they were going to do to me.”

Source: Clackamas mother outraged over TSA screening at PDX


TSA screeners in New Orleans patted down 6-year-old Anna Drexel.

Mother Selena Drexel says most other passengers near them in the queue were able to pass through security normally.

“For some reason Anna was selected for a pat-down, I can only speculate as to why,” Selena told ABC’s “Good Morning America” this morning.

“I did ask for alternatives. I did ask for her to be rescanned,” Selena adds. “They just refused and said they were going to do what they were going to do.”

The girl says “I don’t want to,” the same reaction I have when dealing with TSA.

TSA, as usual, defended the unquestionable powers of its agents:

Yes. TSA has reviewed the incident and the security officer in the video followed the current standard operating procedures.

Source: TSA under fire for enhanced patdown of 6-year-old girl