Nancy Campbell was selected for a full on groping at the gate at LaGuardia.

“If I had been physically attacked, this would have been a very, very similar experience,” said Nancy Campbell, 33, an urban planner who said she was traumatized by a touchy-feely female TSA agent before her flight to Washington Tuesday.

Campbell had already cleared security and was approaching the gate when the young agent stopped her, told her to drop her stuff and demanded she stand spread-eagled.

As passers-by gawked, the TSA agent patted Campbell down, touching her breasts, inner thighs and crotch, the freaked-out flier told The Post.

This is a new one. Passengers are subject to screening and have a choice of a body scanner or a enhanced pat down at the security checkpoint, but I haven’t heard of pat downs at the gate before.

This is one of the other significant problems with the TSA: you don’t know what is legitimate and what is not. Asking the TSA about it only gets you vague answers:

Davis would not say if the pat-down described by Campbell broke agency protocols or was overly intrusive. When asked about the rules, Davis said she could not discuss them because of security concerns.