This blog chronicles the incompetence and criminality of the TSA.

The agency has been given virtually unlimited power by Congress. It’s actions go largely unchecked in the name of security. It adopts policies that strip Americans of their Constitutional rights and dignity and slow down the economy. There are no grievance procedures when the TSA oversteps.

The reality is that the TSA is a bloated government bureaucracy whose primary goal has become self preservation. It takes in over $7 billion in funding annually.

Just the list of criminal activity by TSA agents is astounding. And this list is surely understated because many travelers don’t report thefts from baggage.

Not once has the TSA shown itself to be effective. Recent terrorist efforts haven’t been thwarted by the TSA — they were thwarted by quick thinking passengers on airplanes who defended themselves.

This blog judges the TSA against criteria that the TSA uses to judge travelers. Some prohibited items — like box cutters — are no longer a real threat to aviation security. No one is going to take over a cockpit with box cutters again. The mindset of passengers and crew has dramatically changed since 9/11 and TSA policies don’t reflect that.

There are undoubtedly good, hardworking people at the TSA. But they are focused on the wrong task. Throwing away perfectly safe water bottles and shampoos doesn’t make us safer. Finding people who would cause harm would.